Report de commandes pour les caméscopes de studio / ENG JVC


    Cette console de commande à distance permet de piloter les principales fonctions de la caméra une fois celle-ci connectée à un système fibre ou multicœur au moyen de l'adaptateur studio et du bloc-commande.


    • Joystick type control for iris and master black adjustments
    • Control camera directly or via fiber or multicore system
    • RM-HP790DE and Fiber System CCU connectable via cable with round 6pin connector
    • Be also usable via direct connection to JVC ENG Camcorders
    • Rack mount controller
    • F Stop LED display
    • 5 User scene files buttons
      Spécifications techniques

      RM-LP25 - Report de commandes pour les caméscopes de studio / ENG JVC

      Bullet Points for Controllers
      Scene File Feature
      You can assign different settings to each of the five Scene File buttons and save them accordingly. This is useful at job sites where speed is required, as you can recall the settings according to the shooting conditions by pressing the relevant button.
      Self-illuminating Indicator
      Buttons that are enabled are indicated in green, allowing you to identify the usable features easily. A button that is selected lights up in orange, allowing you to identify the current camera settings easily. In addition, the buttons and switches are also appropriately arranged according to their frequency of use.
      Iris F-value Display
      The iris F-value of the camera is indicated on the remote control. This enables you to perform accurate adjustment by grasping the iris condition at real-time.
      Control Support for
      Camera Type:
      GY-HM890 series
      Camera Type:
      GY-HM850 series
      Camera Type:
      GY-HM790 series
      Camera Type:
      GY-HM750 series
      Camera Type:
      GY-HD250 series
      Camera Type:
      GY-HD200 series
      Camera Type:
      Telecast Fiber (Adapter necessary)
      Camera Type:
      Fourgerolle Camiflex Fiber units
      Max Control of X Cameras:
      1 Unit (s)
      Controlled Operations
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      YES 18 db/ALC/LOLUX/Variable/LEVEL)
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      YES (iris control unit / Iris F Value / Level)
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Master Black
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Black settings (Stretch/Compress)
      YES (Normal/Stretch/Compress)
      YES Auto/ Knee Point
      White Balance
      YES (Manual/Presets/FAW/ AW A / AW B)
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      White Paint
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Black Paint
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      Scene File
      YES 5
      Function Lock
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      IN-OUT´s Connections
      for Tally over cable clamps (see instructions)
      Over fix system Cable 5 Meter long
      Power and Environment Information
      +9Volt over system cable 5 Meter
      2 Watts
      Operation Temperature in Celsius
      -5 degree to 40 degree
      Storage Temperature in Celsius
      -20 degree to 50 degree
      Mechanical Informations
      W:105mm - H:310mm - D:141mm
      2,4 Kg
      Include Package
      FIX mounted system cable 5 Meter long
      Instruction Doc:
      Oui (avec interrupteur intelligent)
      General Editing note
      Note :
      Simulated pictures.The values for weight and dimensions are approximate.E.&O.E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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