Caméra de production IP PTZ robotisée (blanche)


    Première caméra de production vidéo PTZ robotisée de JVC, la KY-PZ100 intègre le moteur de communication IP exclusif de JVC qui assure une connexion réseau par Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE ou LAN. Idéale pour les applications en studio ou sur le terrain, elle offre toutes les fonctionnalités de connectivité IP de la gamme de caméscopes de live streaming de JVC.


    • 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor (2.2 million pixels)
    • Robotic pan, tilt and zoom
    • 3G-SDI and HDMI digital outputs
    • 2 channels audio (or 1 channel balanced audio w/phantom power)
    • USB host connection for WiFi or 4G LTE adapter
    • LAN connector supports Power over Ethernet
    • Advanced IP communications capability:◦Streaming with SMPTE 2022 forward error correction. Advanced Zixi reliable communication with ARQ, FEC and adaptive bitrate control. Low latency streaming. RTMP streaming directly to content delivery network (JVC VIDEOCLOUD,YouTube, Ustream, etc.)
    • Micro SDHC/SDXC memory card recording
    • Remote control via RS-232C / RS-422, or via IP controller
    • Can memorize 100 preset settings and positions
    • Optical zoom lens with 30x zoom ratio (4.3-129mm, f/1.6~4.7)
    • Full HD 1080p, 1080i, 720p video
    • Can be mounted upside-down or right-side-up
    • IR controller
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    Technische Specificaties

    KY-PZ100WE - Caméra de production IP PTZ robotisée (blanche)

    Product Highlights
    Versatile IP Connectivity including Wi-Fi* and 4G/LTE*
    The KY-PZ100 is the PTZ camera that features JVC’s unique IP communications engine providing network
    connection via Wi-Fi*, 4G/LTE*, or wired LAN.
    *optional adapters
    RTMP for Direct Streaming to Content Delivery Network
    RTMP protocol support enables direct streaming to JVC VIDEOCLOUD, Ustream, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Other various protocols and bit rates are supported for a variety of usages.
    Multiple Protocols, RTP,ZIXI,UDP etc. also Multicast Streaming possible.
    0.02 lx of Minimum Illumination for Precise Color Reproduction
    In High-Sensitivity mode, minimum illumination is 0.02 lx. Superior color reproduction is ensured even at low light. The Night Mode is also available for even darker environments (0.003 lx of minimum illumination).
    Direct Drive Mechanism for Accurate and Quiet Pan/Tilt
    The KY-PZ100 incorporates JVC’s Direct Drive Motor that offers precise, highly responsive pan/tilt and silent movement compare to the normal stepping motor mechanism.

    Super Fast Pan/Tilt
    of max. 480°/sec*. With maximum 480°/sec*. movement offers the scene transition sharply.

    Super Slow Pan/Tilt
    of min. 0.1°/sec. Extremely slow movement of 0.1°/sec. offers a good look at the scene even at high zoom rates.

    Extremely Silent Operation
    Operating noise of Direct Drive is approx. 20% lower than
    normal stepping motor system, which is especially suitable for the usage of classic concert, church and so on.

    High Accuracy of +/-0.03° for Preset Positions
    Adjusts to preset positions with high accuracy, offset less
    than 0.03°. Maintains precise shooting positions even at
    high magnification with virtually no deviation.
    Powerful 30x Optical Zoom
    Equipped with 30x optical zoom, the KY-PZ100 is capable of capturing distant subjects. Even in a grand hall or auditorium,the speaker’s expressions and handwriting on a board will be clearly captured. 12x digital zoom is also available.
    Simultaneous Output of 3G-SDI and HDMI in addition to IP
    Simultaneous digital output capability, with up to1920x1080/60p video through 3G-SDI/HDMI/IP, makes the KY-PZ100 ideal for webcasting as well as viewing and recording of conferences, lectures, and other live events
    microSDHC/microSDXC Card Recording and File Upload Capability
    The KY-PZ100 features a built-in digital recorder that records HD from 5Mbps to 50Mbps directly to
    microSDHC/microSDXC card. Recordings can be uploaded from the camera to an external server.
    100 Preset Positions and Settings
    Up to 100 points of PTZ positions and other settings such as focus and white balance can be memorized on the camera.
    PoE+ for Simple and Flexible Installation
    You can reduce installation cost with the KY-PZ100 that supports PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet), which is capable of carrying IP video, audio control and power over a single connection cable.
    Camera Front-End Specifications
    Image Sensor (inch)
    1/2.8 Inch CMOS
    Number of Sensors
    Mega Pixels
    Gain in dB
    0 to 48
    Shutter speed
    1/8 to 1/10000
    White Balance modes
    FAW, AWA, 3200K, 5600K, Manual
    Optical Specifications
    Lens mount
    Optical Zoom X times
    Dynamic Zoom x times
    Lens F Number
    1,6 to 4,7
    Lens ratio from / to
    4,3mm to 129mm
    Lens ratio equivalent to 35mm
    31mm to 915mm
    Auto Focus
    Optical Image stabilization
    Build in ND Filters
    PTZ Head Features
    PAN Angle in degree +/-
    PAN Speed with AC Adapter max degree/sec.
    PAN Speed with POE+ max degree/sec.
    TILT Angle in degree
    -30 to 90
    TILT Speed with AC Adapter max degree/sec.
    TILT Speed with POE+ max degree/sec.
    Preset Positions
    Recording Formats
    Media Class
    Class 10
    Recording slots
    Recording Resolution Formats
    Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Oui, 60p/50p/30p/25p/60i/50i
    Resolution 1440 x 1080
    Oui, 60i/50i
    Resolution 1280 x720
    Oui, 60p/50p/30p/25p
    Recording Data rate 1
    5, 18, 28Mbps
    Recording Data rate 2
    35Mbps (UHQ)
    Recording Data rate 3
    50Mbps (XHq/YUV422)
    Audio Channels
    Audio Recording modes
    LPCM 2ch, 48 kHz/16 bit (HD MOV), AC3 2ch (AVCHD), μlow 2ch (Proxy)
    Audio Filters
    Oui, Wind Cut, Gains
    IP Section of the Product
    IP Main Connection
    USB A Host, Ethernet LAN RJ45 1000Base-T with POE+
    IP Connection supports
    Ethernet, WIFI - and LTE USB Adapters
    IP Features Live-Streaming
    IP Features Remote
    Oui, via RM-LP100 or Web-Browser no apps needed
    IP Features FTP
    Live-Streaming Bitrates
    0.3,0.8,1.5, 2.5, 3,5,8,12,16, 20Mbps
    Live-Streaming Protocols
    Live-Streaming Single cast
    Live-Streaming Multicast
    Live-Streaming reconnect
    Live-Streaming and simultaneous REC
    Live-Streaming Pre-sets of destinations
    FTP Protocol formats
    FTP servers presets
    Note for all kind of USB Adapters
    The connection to a network will be made by the USB Host Port of the camcorder (on the right back end side of the camcorder). Please select the device which you are going to use: WIFI dongle / 3G/4G dongle or a CAT Network adapter.The Adapter you going to be use must be a registered Adapter (see attached compatible list), cause all of these Adapter needs dedicate drivers, which to be implemented into the camcorder.In the case for LTE adapters, there must be done a pre-set of these dongles in your local PC first!
    Recommendation for WIFI USB Adapters (EU only)
    Please Note: Sometimes the Manufacturers change the Revision of the Chip-sets, but product name not changed, we can´t track such issues so may its possible that such a dongles even its mentioned here, may not work. The Adapters below are work able in the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz infrastructure.
    WIFI Dongle 1
    Sitecom WLA.1001
    WIFI Dongle 2
    EnGenius EUB1200AC /Realtek RTL8812AU
    WIFI Dongle 3
    ASUS USB1200AC /Realtek RTL8812AU
    WIFI Dongle 4
    D-LINK DWA-172 (revA1) /Realtek RTL8811AU
    WIFI Dongle 5
    EDIMAX EW-781UTC /Realtek RTL8811AU
    WIFI Dongle 6
    D-LINK DWA-171(revA1) /Realtek 8811AU
    WIFI Dongle 7
    TP-LINK Archer T4U /AC1200 Realtek8811AU not T4U V2.0 AC1300!!
    WIFI Dongle 8
    Wideland (over Amazon) ACWIFI DEWIFIC001A
    Recommendation for Ethernet adapters
    Ethernet Dongle 1
    EDIMAX EU-4208
    Ethernet Dongle 2
    Sitecom LN-030 V2 not Sitecom LN-030 V3
    Ethernet Dongle 3
    Hamlet HNU2GTX
    Ethernet Dongle 4
    D-LINK DUB-E100 (rev C1)
    Ethernet Dongle 5
    Recommendation for 3G/4G (LTE) Adapters
    Dear Customer, for the most countries we have a recommendation of adapters, please download of info sheet for LTE support, below you find a special recommendation, which should work in the most countries.
    LTE Specials 1
    Universal LTE dongle Huawei E8372LTE Wingle so far works with Telekom/O2/Vodafon , others not tested yet.
    LAN Terminal
    Oui, RJ45 1000Base-T with POE+ /48V support
    IN-OUT´s Connections
    Oui, 3G
    OUT HDSDI Format max.
    1080/60p,50p 8 Bit 4:2:2 EE
    OUT HDMI Format max.
    1920x1080 60/50p 8 Bit 4:2:2
    IN Audio AUX
    Oui, 3.5mm mini jack x1 (MIC balanced mono/ unbalanced Stereo with Power or LINE Balanced Mono/ Unbalanced Stereo
    Wired remote IN
    Oui, RS422 Serial Control (RJ-45)
    Wired remote IN
    Oui, RS232C IN/OUT 8 PIN Mini DIN
    PTZ Serial Interface RS-422
    Oui, Serial over RJ-45 connector
    PTZ Serial Interface RS-232C in/out
    Oui, over 8 PIN mini DIN
    PTZ Supported Protocols
    Serial, PelcoD, IP JVC, IP others
    Power and Enviroment Spec´s
    Power AC
    Oui, via AC/DC Adapter
    Power DC
    Oui, 12 Volt or DC42V to 57V POE+ over Network LAN
    Battery types
    1.6 Ampere (AC-Adapter), 04 Ampere (POE+)
    Operation Temperature in Celsius degrees
    0 to 40
    Storage Temperature in Celsius degrees
    -20 to 50
    Operation Humidity in %
    30 to 80
    Storage Humidity under %
    Mechanical Informations
    Weight in kg
    Measurements (WxHxD) in mm
    W 154 x H 200,7 x D 191
    Include Package
    AC/DC adapter
    Cable 1
    Oui, Power cord
    Additional s
    Oui, Mounting screws, for Fall Prevention´s
    Remote Control unit
    Oui, IR controller
    Ceiling mount bracket
    Fall Prevention wire
    General Editing Note
    Simulated pictures.The values for weight and dimensions are approximate .E.&O.E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

    Image of Remote Control-Panel for JVC PTZ and IP Camcorders (RM-LP100)


    Report de commandes pour les caméscopes PTZ et IP JVC


    Image of Mounting Tools for PTZ Camera (WMB-PZ100)


    Accessoires de montage pour caméra PTZ


    Support produit

    KY-PZ100WE - Caméra de production IP PTZ robotisée (blanche)


    Programmers interface API: This document describes commands to control JVC cameras via network. For more details, please ask your local JVCKENWOOD company.
    945,36 KbDownload


    JVC-IP-Address Setting tool:
    1,22 MbDownload



    Configuration Guide ENUS
    5,88 MbDownload

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